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July 19, 2018

Where should I get real news?

Wut is going on?


We are constantly bombarded with news. Social media enables the spreading of news. The problem is that social media also enables the spread of fake news. People see a sensational headline and instinctively share it. This habit makes people prey for more than just spammers and scammers. It makes us vulnerable to organizations that don’t always have our best interests at heart.

A functioning society needs to have a well informed population or its democracy is doomed to fail. We need to be on guard for fake, manipulative news. We need to stop being so lazy and waiting for our news to come to us via our social media feed.

Some general tips to help you spot fake news:

  • Strange URL – both of these look legit. The first one is fake news.
    • http://abcnews.com.co/
    • http://abcnews.go.com/
  • Sensational headline that is almost unbelievable
    • Some of the news outlets that we endorse have been around since media was berry juice on parchment.
    • If it’s really happening, they’ll report it.

Facebook and Twitter are the worst source!

Weapons of mass distraction

Weapons of mass distraction

Social media by default, was invented to bring you content that you may be interested in. This is OK but it ends up putting your brain into a vacuum. You only see content that the service thinks you want to see. You never see anything that offers another point of view. This environment can breed extremism. If you view the world through only one set of eyes, you will lose perspective and think the whole world shares your views. This is never the case, but if you only see things that reinforce your views, you will be validated over and over again, no matter how anti-social your views are becoming. You are now seeing virtual reality through tunnel vision, oblivious to the actual reality. Social media is the greatest tool for radicalization. Radicalization of both the far left and the far right. Radicalization of both white supremacists and Islamic Jihadis.

Oh, you like Breitbart? You may also like:

  • The KKK Facebook page
  • Sons of Odin
  • Rebel Media
  • InfoWars


Now your social media news feed is full of the same type of news.

Imagine if you only read Breitbart or watched Fox News. You would be convinced that Muslims are taking over the world, you can’t trust the mainstream media and Barrack Obama is a member of a secret society bent on world domination. These are not only false claims, they are dangerous to be spreading.

The majority of people now get their news ONLY from social media. That is frightening. However, there is pressure recently to hold Facebook accountable for the spread of fake news.

Public broadcasters

To be honest, some of the best, most accurate news is reported by public broadcasters. They receive stable funding from the public purse. They don’t need to be sensationalist to attract advertising dollars. They have the resources to verify the facts. They do not have a political agenda. The government that administers them changes every few years which does allow for sufficient time to stack the staff with biased reporters and executives. Canada and England probably have the best public broadcasters in the world.Those countries regularly alternate between left and right wing, liberal and conservative governments.It is in the best interest of these public broadcasters to remain in the political center.

This site

This site re-publishes links to real news stories written by legitimate news agencies. These agencies have been around for decades and have a high reputation for being politically neutral and accurate in their reporting. They check their facts before the publish anything.

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